The Freedom To Explore
Cycling courses through our veins. Here’s where it all began…

At J.Laverack we are passionate about how a bike looks, feels and performs. To maintain these three core values all of our bicycles are designed and assembled to order within our home county of Rutland in England. Our bicycles pay homage to an era when bike races lasted 24 hours or more and cyclists like Jack Laverack (Co-founder Oliver’s Grandfather) travelled on rough, pothole-strewn roads and tracks to discover new places. It’s this simple love of cycling as a way to explore new places that makes this sport such a beautifully simple, yet endlessly rewarding experience.
The story of my grandfather is one of a Yorkshire-born lad, who would explore far and wide on his bicycle. In an era when bikes were heavy and had few gears, clothing was baggy and chamois pads were made of deer leather, Jack would think

nothing of riding 100 miles or more in a day. He’d set off early in the morning from Great Horton, West Yorkshire, either on his own or with friends, and carrying just a couple of bottles of water and some jam sandwiches in his back pocket. He’d return late in the evening having often ridden to the coast and back.
I remember hearing about my grandad’s epic all-day rides, during which he forged friendships that lasted a lifetime. This was the catalyst that started my passion for cycling. Whether you plan to explore the glorious British countryside on your own or with friends, or your goal is to tackle a cobbled classic or simply pedal to work, our mission is to create exceptional bicycles so that you can build memories like Jack that last a lifetime.