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JLaverack Pilot

A contemporary urban commuter with unmistakable presence and style

Price: from £4475

The brief: To create a stylish, urban speed-machine with an aerodynamic riding position that leaves the rider perfectly placed for quick handling and sharp manoeuvrability, ideal for congested city streets.

The PiLOT Range
Key Features

ÆRA AR Disc Fork

ÆRA alloy or carbon wheels

Continental GP5000TL tyres

Brooks Cambium C13 saddle – carved or standard

Threaded English or T47 bottom bracket & integral headset

Pro PLT finishing kit including H-type bars

PiLOT Flat Bar
Key Features

ÆRA AR Disc Fork

ÆRA alloy or carbon wheels

Continental GP5000TL tyres

Brooks Cambium C13 saddle – carved or standard

Threaded English bottom bracket & integral headset

Pro PLT finishing kit including flat handlebars

Our inspiration

JLaverack-Pilot logoo

Our stylish and fast urban sport commuter bike

EET our stunning new high-speed city bike, the PiLOT. The contemporary PiLOT was inspired by fast urban riding and in particular the commute, which for both J.Laverack founders makes up the lionshare of the riding they do. 

The meticulously crafted geometry of the PiLOT creates a sportier riding position, without pushing cyclists onto the drops. The H-handlebars place the rider’s forearms in a natural position, while allowing easy access to the gear shifters and brakes.

The result is an aerodynamic ride that maintains the quick handling and sharp manoeuvrability that are imperative for swift progress along busy streets. The quick-fire gears shift effortlessly, while powerful hydraulic disc brakes haul the PiLOT to a standstill, without fuss or drama, in the cut-and-thrust of city riding.

The PiLOT combines urban chic with genuine performance for an exhilarating ride. At its heart is a jaw-dropping titanium frame paired with beautiful carbon forks.

The PiLOT transforms mundane commutes into luxury travel: smooth and sure-footed, whatever the road surface; thanks to the frame’s ability to transfer rider power to the road with maximum efficiency; and comfortable, with the cushion of its wider tyres. If you’re late to work, it will only be because you couldn’t resist riding one more street or one more block before facing the daily grind.

The PiLOT joins the J.ACK four-season, all-road bike in the J.Laverack range. Like its stablemate, it derives its name from Jack Laverack, a passionate cyclist in the post-war era and a test pilot of the first British fighter jets. Just as jet engines revolutionised flying, the PiLOT dares to herald a new age of urban cycling.

The PiLOT’s frame is designed for a multitude of terrains, from asphalt to cobbles, gravel and towpath, with clearance for up to 35mm tyres for both comfort and versatility.

Customers can also specify rack mounts, mudguard mounts and even choose between a press fit or threaded bottom bracket. And, as on all J.Laverack bikes, customers can have a personal design or motivational mantra blasted on the frame, to render their bikes truly unique.

Size guide based on rider height:

48cm: 152-158cm | 50cm: 156-164cm | 52cm: 162-170cm | 54cm: 168-178cm  |  56cm: 174-184cm | 58cm: 180-188cm | 60cm: 186-194cm | 62cm: 192-200cm

Custom Options

No two frames are the same. Customise your PiLOT to be the bike you’ve always wanted

Reliability and simplicity and are king where bottom brackets are concerned and for this reason we recommend threaded bottom bracket shells.

Run up to 38mm tyres, or 35mm tyres with mudguards.

Gear and brake cables are routed internally to protect them from the elements and ensuring smooth shifting and braking.

Unsightly dynamo cables are no more with our internally routed dynamo cable option.

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