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J.Laverack rear mech (derailleur) hanger – #5

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An essential spare for any adventure, the rear mech hanger is a sacrificial part that is designed to break in the event that your rear mech gets knocked, protecting both your frame and rear derailleur from terminal damage.

Lovingly designed to complement our range of bicycles and obsessed over with the same attention to detail as each of our bespoke commissions. This iteration of our rear mech hanger is an evolution of design #3.

We wanted to streamline rear mech hanger design #3 which requires a separate thru-axle lock nut. By removing the nut we have simplified the design and created a more elegant part which allows the thru-axle to be threaded directly into the hanger itself.

It took a number of design revisions to arrive at a design and shape that we felt complemented our dropouts and added to the overall design of our bicycles.

Product Description

Please note, hanger #5 has a thread pitch of 1.5 and will require a thru-axle with the same pitch. Hanger design #5 also requires a new shorter thru-axle with a shaft length of 168mm.

If you are unsure whether this part is correct for your frame please contact the team with your frame serial number and we will double check for you.

Each hanger is machined, anodised and laser etched within 60 miles of our Rutland base.

Rear mech hanger design #5 is suitable for all J.Laverack disc brake frames from 2019 onwards. If you require design #3 for all J.Laverack disc brake bikes that were made between 2019 and 2021 please contact us.

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