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J.Laverack Travel Case – December 2021


  • J.Laverack Travel Case
  • Beautifully engineered
  • Super easy to use
  • Ultra tough
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • No need to loosen handlebar or stem bolts
  • Pack and unpack in as little as 5 minutes
  • Carry handles for lifting
  • Brevét black powder coat
  • Cargo net to secure accessories
  • Pop-riveted head badge; black
  • Padlock on two sides
  • Beautifully engineered
  • Includes wheel bags
  • Workstand available separately
  • Dimensions: 134cm x 87cm x 36cm
  • Net weight: 15kg
  • Suitable for our J.ACK, GRiT and R J.ACK Disc models, in all sizes